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Music Education for Preschoolers

Clap for Classics helps parents foster a love of music in their young children by providing high-quality music courses that teach foundational music concepts through playful, engaging lessons.

They are passionate about the positive effect of classical music on the young child, and use that as a foundation of our curriculum.  They also use songs, nursery rhymes, folk music, instrument play, movement and more.

Clap for Classics! is perfect for parents who want their children to receive an early music education but don’t want to have one more thing to plan.  When you subscribe you get a beautifully curated music course that has musical instruction,  extension activities, and printables.  You get to be the cheerleader, supporter, and playmate with your child while you spend quality time bonding and learning together.

It is all virtual with options to be part of a live class or view recorded classes from the comfort of your own home with your own set of instruments!


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