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Reviewer On Philippine Commercial Law Pdf

Reviewer On Philippine Commercial Law Pdf

Philippine commercial law is a branch of law that governs the rights and obligations of persons engaged in trade, commerce, and industry. It covers various topics such as contracts, negotiable instruments, corporations, partnerships, insurance, transportation, banking, securities, and insolvency.

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If you are a law student or a bar examinee who wants to review or refresh your knowledge on Philippine commercial law, you may find it helpful to look for some online resources that provide reviewer materials in pdf format. Here are some of the sources that you can check out:

  • by the Ateneo Professional Schools Library. This pdf document lists the books, journals, and online databases that are available in the library for commercial law research. It also includes some suggested answers to bar examination questions in mercantile law from 1997 to 2018.

  • by Yanily Ann Valdez. This pdf document contains the reviewer's own lecture notes on the Financial Rehabilitation and Insolvency Act (FRIA), which is one of the topics covered by commercial law. It summarizes the main provisions and concepts of the FRIA, such as the nature and types of proceedings, the commencement order, the rehabilitation plan, and the liquidation process.

  • by Dean Danilo L. Concepcion. This pdf document is an article published in the Asian Comparative Law journal that provides a historical and comparative perspective on Philippine corporation law. It traces the evolution of corporation law from the Spanish Code of 1885 to the Revised Corporation Code of 2019. It also discusses some of the salient features and innovations of the new code, such as the one-person corporation, perpetual existence, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility.

These are just some of the examples of reviewer materials on Philippine commercial law that you can find online in pdf format. You may also search for other sources using keywords such as "Philippine commercial law pdf", "mercantile law pdf", or "commercial law reviewer pdf". However, you should always verify the accuracy and currency of the information that you obtain from these sources. You should also supplement your review with other materials such as textbooks, case digests, statutes, and commentaries.


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