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The Little Book That Beats The Market Pdf 88

The Little Book That Beats the Market PDF 88

The Little Book That Beats the Market is a bestselling book by Joel Greenblatt, a hedge fund manager and professor at Columbia Business School. The book explains a simple formula that anyone can use to invest in the stock market and beat the average returns. The formula is based on two concepts: buying good companies at cheap prices and letting the market do the rest.


The book was first published in 2006 and became an instant hit among investors. It was updated and revised in 2010 as The Little Book That Still Beats the Market, with some changes to the formula and more examples. The book has been translated into several languages and has sold over a million copies worldwide.

One of the most popular versions of the book is the PDF 88, which is a digital format that can be downloaded for free from various websites. The PDF 88 contains the full text of the book, along with some additional features such as charts, tables, and interactive exercises. The PDF 88 also has a unique feature that allows readers to enter their own data and test the formula on any stock they want.

The PDF 88 is a great way to learn about the formula and apply it to real-world situations. However, it is not a substitute for reading the original book, which provides more details and insights into the logic and philosophy behind the formula. The book also warns readers about the potential pitfalls and challenges of following the formula, such as market fluctuations, taxes, fees, and emotions.

The Little Book That Beats the Market PDF 88 is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about investing in the stock market. It is easy to read, understand, and use, and it can help anyone achieve better returns than the average investor. However, it is not a magic bullet that guarantees success, and it requires patience, discipline, and common sense to follow.

If you are interested in downloading the PDF 88, you can find it on several websites such as [], [PDF Drive], or [Scribd]. You can also buy the original book from [Amazon] or other online retailers.


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